Finanční záruky za bankovní úvěry

Available in the following countries: Belgie.

Credendo – Export Credit Agency participates up to 50% in a bank credit granted to a Belgian company with international operations, by providing a guarantee for the benefit of the bank, without additional cost for the company.


  • Support for the Belgian company to obtain a credit
  • Possibility of higher credit amounts
  • Additional capacity and comfort provided to the bank granting the credit

Hlavní charakteristiky

  • For Belgian companies with international operations
  • Credendo – Export Credit Agency participates for 50% in the credit facility (exceptionally up to 80% – EU regulations)
  • Eligible bank credits: working capital, investment credits, bond credit facilities
  • Risk- and fee-sharing principle: no additional cost for the Belgian company
  • The bank shares the risk with an AA-rated partner (improving the Risk-Weighted Assets for the bank)

Credendo Export Credit Agency provides financial guarantees to banks in order to support Belgian companies to obtain credit facilities for their international business.

Financial guarantees are available to Belgian companies with international operations (exports, imports).

Eligible credits:

  • Working capital facility: under export business contracts and with use of proceeds specified.
  • Investment credits: MLT financing of fixed assets, acquisition or start-up of an overseas company.
  • Bond credit facilities: issuances of LCs, bid bond, performance bond, advance payment bond,…

The financial guarantee is materialised through a bilateral master agreement (MRPA) between Credendo Export Credit Agency and the bank. For each financial guarantee, Credendo  Export Credit Agency and the bank sign a specific participation certificate referring to the new credit shared.

The financial guarantee represents a participation of up to 50% in the new credit granted or in the increase of an existing credit (exceptionally up to 80% – EU regulations).

The Belgian company pays the credit facility interest to the bank; there is no additional cost. The bank shares the margin with Credendo - Export Credit Agency (risk- and fee-sharing principle).

Credendo Export Credit Agency is pari passu with banks for the collateral.

Credendo   Export Credit Agency support must be disclosed to the Belgian company.

Why Credendo?

Credendo – Export Credit Agency offers a complete range of products with the same goal: controlling risks related to foreign buyers in foreign countries. The ECA’s products are specifically destined for capital goods, services and contract works from Belgium. Not only Belgian exporters but also banks can make use of the products, which can also result in various financing solutions for the exporter and/or the foreign buyer.
Being the official Export Credit Agency for Belgium, Credendo  Export Credit Agency complies with OECD rules concerning the structure of export credits as well as the regulated premium percentage.

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