Buyer credit insurance

Available in the following countries: Belgien.

Export credit directly granted by a bank to a foreign buyer for the financing of the delivery of capital goods, services or contract works from a Belgian exporter. Credendo – Export Credit Agency covers the exporter and the bank against commercial and political risks.


  • Competitive advantage for the Belgian exporter who can offer a financing solution for large amounts to the foreign buyer
  • The Belgian exporter is sure to be paid
  • The bank will also be covered in case of non-reimbursement of the credit by the foreign buyer
  • Credit structure and pricing follow OECD rules


  • The bank grants an export credit to the foreign buyer following the OECD rules (also called ECA financing)
  • The Belgian exporter can draw on the credit and receives cash payment for the execution of the commercial contract
  • The foreign buyer obtains an MLT credit to buy Belgian capital goods, services or contract works. It will reimburse the credit at the due dates to the insured bank
  • Credendo – Export Credit Agency insures the Belgian exporter against the termination and non-payment of the commercial contract, as well as the bank against the non-reimbursement of the credit

In the framework of an export transaction from a Belgian exporter with an export credit structured by the bank for the foreign buyer, Credendo – Export Credit Agency can cover the risks of termination and non-payment for the Belgian exporter, as well as the risks of non-reimbursement for the bank.

Eligible transactions are export contracts of capital goods, services and contract works with a min. 15% cash advance payment, and consequently a credit for max. 85% of the contract value.

The loan directly granted to the foreign buyer, complying with OECD rules, will be covered by Credendo – Export Credit Agency, meaning that the insured will benefit from the Belgian State guarantee.
The Belgian exporter can draw on the loan and receives cash payment for the delivery of goods and services made under the commercial contract.

The premium percentage will reflect three factors: the buyer’s creditworthiness, the country risk and payment terms.

Repayment will happen in half-yearly or quarterly instalments (equal in principal but increased by a decreasing interest amount).

The exporter will be indemnified in case of termination or non-payment of the contract due to a buyer’s default, but also as a consequence of political risks.

The bank will be indemnified in case of non-reimbursement of the credit due to a buyer’s default, but also in case of non-reimbursement as a consequence of political and similar risks.

Why Credendo?

Credendo – Export Credit Agency offers a complete range of products with the same goal: controlling risks related to foreign buyers in foreign countries. The ECA’s products are specifically destined for capital goods, services and contract works from Belgium. Not only Belgian exporters but also banks can make use of the products, which can also result in various financing solutions for the exporter and/or the foreign buyer.
Being the official Export Credit Agency for Belgium, Credendo – Export Credit Agency complies with OECD rules concerning the structure of export credits as well as the regulated premium percentage.



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