Contract surety bonds

Available in the following countries: Belgien, Frankreich, Deutschland, Irland, Italien, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Polen, Portugal, Spanien, Vereinigtes Königreich.

In order to participate in a bid or execute a contract, you need to prove to your counterparty that you are financially sound and reliable. We can issue the required bond, and in the event that you fail to meet your contractual obligations we will pay the beneficiary up to the predetermined bond amount.


  • Increase your project opportunities nationally and internationally
  • The bond is proof of your financial soundness
  • Your own funds stay available and your credit facilities at the bank remain unburdened
  • Alleviation of the collaterals granted to the bank
  • The beneficiary is assured that the project will be completed


  • Who? For all companies located in the European Union in need of one or more contract surety bonds or guarantees
  • What? A surety facility under which one or more contract bonds can be issued in favour of one or more counterparties
  • The bond or guarantee will secure the fulfilment of the contractual obligations towards a contractual counterparty
  • In case of contractual default or insolvency, the counterparty can claim an indemnification up to a predetermined amount
  • Tenor of bonds? Up to five years

All too frequently companies are faced with a contractual counterparty requesting a surety bond or guarantee. This bond, issued by a third party, will guarantee that the company will fulfil its contractual obligations correctly and on time towards its counterparty, the Beneficiary. If the company doesn’t meet its contractual obligations, the Beneficiary can claim an indemnification up to a predetermined amount in the bond.

Such a bond is typically required to secure the construction or maintenance of a building, the delivery of machinery or services, international transactions, etc.

We mainly offer the following contract bonds, but are open to discuss others.

  • bid bonds
  • advance payment bonds
  • performance bonds
  • retention money bonds
  • warranty bonds
  • public tender bonds
  • supplier bonds
  • letters of intent

Without putting your liquidity at risk, you can participate in more projects, extend your international activities and prove to your counterparties that you are a reliable and financially sound party.

Why Credendo?

  • Our flexibility and swiftness when it comes to issuing your surety bonds and guarantees
  • We value the relationships with our clients and look to build a lasting partnership
  • Our expertise and understanding of the prime markets and businesses where bonds are required


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