The new “Credendo Risk” mobile app can be downloaded from App Store (Apple version) and Google Play (Android version). This tool is an additional digital service provided by Credendo. The app aims first of all at informing you in real time about the evolution of the country risks, with a focus on emerging countries. In fact there are three screens:

  • Country risks, with a world map: When you click on a country, you will discover the different Credendo ratings for that country (export transactions and direct investments). Below the ratings, you can have a look at the available risk analysis reports for that country. Those reports are presented in chronological order on the first screen on the left (the most recent ones above). On the right you can watch various videos: TV and radio interviews of Credendo members regarding country risks; videos about our products;…     
  • About us: news about Credendo with a direct link to the website;
  • Solutions: all the different Credendo products with a direct link to the website.

Updated country risks reports will be downloaded twice a week and users receives a push message on their smartphone accordingly.