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I want to make sure my customers are creditworthy

When an existing or new customer asks for open account payment terms, how can I make sure that it is a reliable counterparty to do business with in open account?

I want to cover my risk of not being paid

When trading internationally or domestically, bad customers can put a lot of strain on your business.

I’m a Belgian SME looking for financial support to expand my international business

Financing has become crucial in many transactions, and there is no exception when it comes to SMEs.

I need a surety bond or a protection against the unfair calling of bank guarantees

In order to be able to carry out a profession, to obtain a permit or even to enjoy an extension of payment, certain legislation requires you to provide a surety bond or guarantee, often in favour of a government agency.

I’m a bank

As a bank, you’re a partner of Credendo and you can combine your financing instruments with Credendo products.

I’m a broker

Are you looking for a reliable partner and a quality relationship with an insurer offering you the best coverage on the best terms?

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