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Find exactly what you need

I want to make sure my debtors are creditworthy

I want to know whether my client is a reliable counterparty. Check the creditworthiness of 3 key debtors free of charge now!

I want to cover my risk with credit insurance

My concern is to protect my company against unexpected loss on my debtors’ portfolio.

I’m a Belgian SME

As a SME, you need adapted tools to run your international business, especially when it comes to financing. Do you need more credit facilities from your bank? Do you want to offer your foreign buyer credit in order to win a deal? Credendo – Export Credit Agency has solutions for you.

I need a surety bond or guarantee

A counterparty wishes me to provide a surety bond or guarantee to make sure I fulfil my legal or contractual obligations.

I’m a bank

As a bank, you’re a partner of Credendo and you can combine your financing instruments with Credendo products.

I’m a broker

Are you looking for a reliable partner and a quality relationship with an insurer offering you the best coverage on the best terms?

Seize more export opportunities

Do you want to boost your bargaining power in emerging countries and win more deals? Offer your clients proper financing. Next to insuring you against non-payment Credendo can give you access to 2 effective financing solutions for your clients: Forfaiting and Buyer Credit Credendo.

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