When trading internationally or domestically, bad customers can put a lot of strain on your business. Afterwards, the loss has to be earned back gradually through future deals. Despite your credit-management procedures and knowledge of your customers, there is always a risk that your customer will not pay its invoice.

Credendo covers the risk of non-payment of invoices by offering the following tailor-made trade credit insurance solutions both to SMEs and large-scale companies:

Our Comprehensive policy can protect you against the risk of non-payment of receivables from domestic and foreign customers due to their inability or unwillingness to pay (commercial risk) or to political risks in their own country.

You prefer to retain full autonomy in your decision to grant credit and in your recovery actions? In that case, our Excess-of-Loss policy might appeal more to you as it allows you to choose the parameters of your insurance policy yourself. You don’t have to change existing procedures to make them in line with the requirements of your insurer. 

For SMEs, the XOL Partners is a made-to-measure programme, which gives you full autonomy in your own credit and debt management. Credendo will only cover unforeseeable and exceptional losses. 

In case you need to cover amounts over and above the credit limits that are set by your credit insurer, Credendo’s Top-Up solution will allow you to overcome the restraints imposed by your first-line credit insurer.

Does your company sell goods or services for which you receive cash payments during the execution according to determined milestones? Credendo covers the termination and/or non-payment of the contract by means of the Cash transaction insurance

In case you have granted extended payment terms to your customer with maturities materialised by bills of exchange, the Supplier credit insurance of Credendo will protect you against the termination of the contract and ensure the payment to you or to the discounting bank. 

In case a bank has directly granted an export credit to your customer for the delivery of capital goods, services or contract works, Credendo’s Buyer credit insurance will enable you to draw on the credit and hence receive cash payment for the execution of the contract, while it will also cover the bank against the non-reimbursement of the credit.