Financing has become crucial in many transactions, and there’s no exception when it comes to SMEs. Financing needs come from both sides: both foreign buyers and exporters are willing to obtain credit facilities. However, these are sometimes difficult to obtain.

Credendo – Export Credit Agency can help Belgian SMEs to obtain new or additional bank credits to finance their own business. If you’re a Belgian SME with international activities your bank can ask for a financial guarantee from Credendo – Export Credit Agency. If the risk is acceptable, Credendo – Export Credit Agency will share the risk with the bank, easing your access to additional financing. See more details under the product description Financial Guarantee for Bank Credit.

If you want to give your foreign buyer the option of delaying payment or help them to obtain an export credit facility, Credendo – Export Credit Agency can finance your foreign buyer up to EUR 5 million. See details and conditions under the product descriptions Forfaiting and Buyer Credit Credendo.