Financing has become crucial in many transactions, and there is no exception when it comes to SMEs. Financing needs come from both sides: both the exporter (you) and the foreign buyer (your customer) are willing to work with credit facilities. However, these are sometimes difficult to obtain.

If you want to give your customer the option of delaying payment or help them to obtain an export credit facility, Credendo can finance your customer up to EUR 8 million. For smaller export transactions (several hundred thousand euros) to countries facing tighter financial conditions, the Forfaiting solution opens a window of opportunities by offering a credit facility to your customer with a tenor between 2 and 5 years. Credendo pays you after delivery/installation of the equipment. For higher credit amounts (above EUR 2 million), the Buyer credit Credendo can be more suited. Our underwriters will examine together with you which of both solutions is the best.

Of course, if your company sells goods or services for which you receive cash payments during the execution according to determined milestones, Credendo can cover the termination and/or non-payment of the contract by means of the Cash transaction insurance. This can give you the additional peace of mind you are looking for while granting your customer a more flexible payment scheme.

Exporting can require you to apply for new or additional bank credits to finance your operations. Credendo can ease the access to additional working capital, investment loans and bond credit facilities without additional cost by offering a Financial guarantee for bank loans.