• 'One name, one team, one mission': Credendo highlights its international dimension by grouping all its entities under one name.
  • All legal entities will continue to exist, but they will all bear the same name: Credendo.
  • The group is active in all segments of trade credit insurance and offers tailor-made solutions based on its broad expertise in countries worldwide.
  • A new website (www.credendo.com) has been launched to reinforce this development.

Three years ago, ONDD Group became Credendo Group with Delcredere | Ducroire, the renowned Belgian export credit agency, as parent company. Today the names of Delcredere | Ducroire, Credimundi, KUPEG, INGO-ONDD, Garant and Trade Credit have ceased to exist. The various legal entities will remain, yet bear one single name: Credendo. "By adopting one single name for all our entities, we would like to present ourselves even more as one international group", says Dirk Terweduwe, Group Chief Executive Officer. Credendo is the fourth largest European credit insurance group and has offices in 14 European countries. The group is active in all segments of trade credit insurance and offers a range of products covering risks worldwide.

Tailor-made credit insurance

Henceforth, Credendo's clients will get easier access to all of the group's credit insurance solutions: whole turnover short-term credit insurance covering European and non-European risks, single risk, excess of loss, top up, surety, reinsurance and Belgian export credit agency services. "And this implies one pledge: to its clients, Credendo will remain their reliable and trusted partner with a service-minded approach", says Dirk Terweduwe.

Worldwide expertise for your exports

A survey of over 600 Belgian managers, carried out by Credendo in September 2016, has shown that 3 in 4 CEOs are betting on export growth in the coming years. In order to offer these managers better guidance in their international transactions, Credendo has expert teams demonstrating their profound knowledge of export markets on a daily basis. In their sharp-edged risk analyses, they reveal both risks and opportunities. Now, by uniting the group's separate entities, Credendo seeks to draw attention to its international expertise.

In order to reinforce this development, Credendo has launched a new website www.credendo.com focussing on the tailor-made solutions and on its expertise in export countries. This new website is the first step of a more extensive communication campaign in the press and on the radio.

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