Stefaan Van Boxstael became Chairman of the Management Board of Credendo – Short-Term EU Risks úvěrová pojišťovna, a.s. on 1 March 2018. He will replace Michal Veselý who had been Chairman of the Management Board since 2011 and decided to leave the company at the end of February.

Stefaan Van Boxstael has already been holding statutory positions at Credendo – Short-Term EU Risks for more than seven years. At the same time he holds the position of General Manager and member of the Management Board in a Belgian sister company focused on credit insurance primarily outside the EU.

Stefaan Van Boxstael joined Credendo in 1997 and held various positions within underwriting in Credendo – Export Credit Agency. Since 2010 he was Deputy General Manager and Head of the Underwriting & Credit Information Department at Credendo – Short-Term Non-EU Risks, before becoming General Manager of Credendo – Short-Term Non-EU Risks in 2014.

As Stefaan Van Boxstael has been an active member of the Supervisory Board as well as a member of the Management Board of Credendo – Short-Term EU Risks in the past, he knows the company very well. His main task will be to further deepen the cooperation between the Czech and Belgian entities and to help strengthen Credendo's position in the European Union markets.


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Credendo is a European credit insurance group that is present all over the continent and active in all segments of trade credit and political risk insurance, providing a range of products that cover risks worldwide: whole turnover short-term credit insurance covering European and non-European risks, single risk, excess of loss, top up, surety and export credit agency services for Belgian companies. In 2016 Credendo insured international transactions worth a total of EUR 80 billion and premiums amounted to EUR 370 million. Credendo is the fourth largest European credit insurance group. Credendo – Short-Term EU Risks úvěrová pojišťovna, a.s. (formerly known as KUPEG) is one of the group’s entities. Its Slovakian branch has been in operation since 2012 and its Polish branch since January 2015.

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