When an existing or new client asks for open account payment terms, I do not want to grant these payment terms without the certainty of being paid. But how can I make sure that my debtor is a reliable counterparty to do business with in open account?

By concluding an insurance policy with Credendo, Credendo is evaluating each debtor for its creditworthiness. Credendo has access to a large number of information sources worldwide and collects data from its clients and other market sources. Thanks to this exclusive information and knowledge, Credendo is able to thoroughly analyse your customers and to give you not only information about its creditworthiness, but also timely warnings about potential problems.

You want to know if Credendo can cover your debtors ?

You can check up to 3 debtors on our website!
Just click on the “Request an assessment” button and complete the necessary information fields. An account manager of Credendo will contact you with the feedback on the chosen debtors.