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Top Up

Available in the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

The Top-Up formula enables you to cover amounts over and above the credit limits set by your credit insurer (first-line insurer). In this instance, you can turn to Credendo – Excess & Surety to obtain “Top-Up” cover: an “Excess-of-Loss” policy to complement your traditional credit insurance cover.

Product benefits

  • Credit risk protection without interference between the second-line insurer and the insured
  • Made-to-measure programme with automatic doubling of the primary credit limit gives you finance possibilities, enhanced insured turnover, total transparency and fewer constraints
  • No extra administrative work
  • Peace of mind in the event of unforeseeable and exceptional loss
  • Allows more sales while being covered

Isabel Kervyn, Credendo - Excess & Surety
“An original concept; an insurance cover to guarantee peace of mind in the event of unforeseeable and exceptional losses”

Main characteristics

  • For all credit insured companies encountering insufficient coverage issues due to the limited capacity available from the credit insurer, poor creditworthiness and/or insufficient financial information
  • Made-to-measure insurance
  • Cover against commercial risks (insolvency and protracted default)
  • Automatic doubling of the primary credit limit
  • Same percentage of cover as first-line credit insurer

Credit insurance insures against the risk of non-payment of receivables from domestic and foreign customers due to their inability or unwillingness to pay (commercial risk) on the side of the domestic or foreign buyer. Based on our long-standing and wide experience, we offer cover in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Our credit insurance policy is a comprehensive product that protects the business from losses from outstanding debts. Thanks to our insurance policy, Credendo will pay an indemnity in the event that a customer doesn’t pay a claim and recovery fails. Because you remain in charge of the collection of unpaid debts, there is no interference by the insurer in your customer relationship.

Credit insurance is recognised by banks as a tool that allows them to provide the necessary financing. Under certain conditions, it is even possible to pay the indemnification straight into your bank.


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