Floris Verbraeken, Risk underwriter

"Working as a Risk Underwriter with Credendo – Short-Term Non-EU Risks  definitely means working in an international context. You’re analysing debtors from Andorra to Zambia, but you can also work as an intern at our branches our subsidiaries in London, Paris, Moscow or elsewhere. With a balanced risk approach, you’re in a position to have a crucial impact on your clients’ business. And there is a good balance between having the opportunity to develop your client relations independently and being able to fall back on the expertise of a great team. On the one hand you improve your knowledge of the financial world and build up your expertise, and on the other you try to help your client to grow via specific business cases all over the world. "

Annelien Mercy, Controlling advisor

"After my economics studies I was looking for a job in finance. The position of Controlling Advisor fitted perfectly, and the insurance sector was an added bonus. During the first interviews I realised that Credendo – Export Credit Agency offers the opportunity of working in a modern and professional environment. The interview with my line manager in particular convinced me that I would have the freedom to develop."

Coralie Vanhamme, Insurance policy officer

"Credendo is by far the best professional experience I have known so far, and I hope also the last. From my very first contact, and at my interview, I was given a warm and professional welcome. You’re put at ease right away, so you can get through the selection tests without too much stress. Credendo is a company that cares about the wellbeing of its staff and makes every effort to support them. From the word go, we are very well supervised, both by our team leader and head of department and by appropriate and interesting training sessions. Credendo is a company where you feel happy, not just because your work is properly appreciated, which is motivating, but also thanks to excellent benefits, a flexible schedule that’s easy to combine with family life, the opportunity to develop... not to mention its geographical location, which is very easy to access. In a word, the ideal job!"

Vincent Mommaerts, Export Credit Specialist

"My name is Vincent Mommaerts and I joined Credendo – Export Credit Agency in 2013. Working in the Market Window team is a real pleasure, for the following reasons: First of all, the job of credit insurer (i.e. covering the commercial and political risks linked to international transactions) is interesting, both because of the nature of the debtors analysed (a Brazilian sugar producer, a mining company in Australia, a Chinese metals producer, etc.) on a day-to-day basis, and because of the type of commercial contacts involved. In fact my clients are leading international banking operators and brokers (mainly British) tasked with finding capacity on the insurance markets.

More generally, Credendo – Export Credit Agency is an organisation on a human scale, which I would say is characterised by its efficiency – the result of its in-depth knowledge of the workings of international business, its professionalism and its responsiveness."

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